6 Ways to Generate New App Ideas for Your Startup

Today more than 2 billion people use smartphones, and their number is constantly growing. Business could not pass up such an opportunity, so applications have become a must-have part of the marketing strategy. Any business ideas, no matter whether it is a startup or a large corporation, must serve users. Therefore, the needs of users should be at the heart of the business idea of the application using best ideas.

For startups, apps are also extremely important as they can attract more customers. But how do you make an app that truly engages customers and stands out from the competition? We have collected recommendations for you on how to think over the concept of an application and what resources you will need to implement them. So, where to find mobile app ideas for your custom app?

Is App Development the Best Business Idea?

The application is not only about technical, but also marketing. You need to understand the needs of your target audience and how you can meet them. It is also important to calculate the resources and financial costs for the implementation of the potential web app.

Among the main advantages of business applications:

  • Everything is going faster: the launch of the mobile application takes place in a matter of seconds, and the application itself can work autonomously. This speed also affects the percentage of purchases, significantly increasing it.
  • You can be constantly reminded of yourself: the application is always in front of your eyes, in contrast to the browser tab. If you are not imposed by constant notifications, customer loyalty will increase every day.
  • Increased engagement: the main task of the application is direct and fast interaction with customers. You are always available to the client, and contacting you completely satisfies him.
  • Reducing costs: now there is no need to spend money on mailings and printing. You communicate directly with customers, process their orders automatically, and the workload on staff is reduced.

To come up with an application that complements your business, it is important to define the problem that it will solve. If you have already seen a ready-made solution from a competitor, this does not mean that you cannot offer an alternative or supplement an existing application. The solution may be cheaper, faster, more interesting, or any other advantage that will appeal to your audience. But don’t forget about offline presence, using, e.g. you have a delivery app.

Apps best practices looks something like this:

Ø Problem — counting calories is exhausting

Ø The solution is an application that will do it for you.

How to Come Up With Innovative App Ideas

All successful startups started with one good idea. Apps are no exception, they start with creative web app ideas. And where to get them, we’ll tell you now.

The most popular approach in application development comes from the opposite: finding a problem and developing an application to solve it. It can be absolutely any problem from any sphere. For example, how can you speed up the processing of an application in a hospital? Or how to make shopping more convenient? But these are not the only ways to find innovative ideas for your unique application.

There are 6 ways to generate unique app development ideas:

1. Don’t think of the app as a business

Think of the user, think like the user. The initial stage is more creative, and only if the zeros are really happy with your application, then you create a business model and think about where and on what in this case you can make money.

2. Adapting an existing application

If you’ve done your homework and done your marketing research, you might see promising apps that need some tweaks to take over the world. You can take an idea and refine it.

3. Improvisation and adaptation

Often the most successful applications are a combination of two applications with complementary functions. These may even be, at first glance, incompatible services or services, but if they solve consumer problems, they will find their client.

4. Explore the App Store and Play Store

In addition to top applications, study no-names and, most importantly, reviews on them. If they are bad, this is your chance to enter the market. Monitor consumer demand trends and satisfy them. Get your tech business idea for genius product development from your competitors.

5. Brainstorming

Don’t make a meeting out of a meeting, just discuss the moments and situations that you and your environment face on a daily basis. The more conflicting opinions you get, the more benefit it will bring.

6. Inspiration is everywhere

We are talking about various resources with a large and diverse audience, for example, Reddit or Pinterest. You can find inspiration there and look at the different opinions of people from all over the world on how to pitch an app idea to conquer the world.

The app creation process starts from building your MVP. This is where you can implement the basic functionality of your new application. You will be able to test it, collect focus group opinions, and eliminate deficiencies.

Don’t forget about time. If you delay release and bug fixes, audience interest and loyalty will decline geometrically. Application development is something that needs to be entrusted to professionals and where a certain budget should be invested.

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What are the Typical Startup Costs for a New Mobile App Business?

Application development most often starts with MVP, its cost starts at $ 5,000. After testing the application, eliminating errors, you should start developing the final version of the application. Turnkey app costs start at $ 10,000.

The mobile app cost will be influenced by many factors: with whom you work (outsourcing company, developers with hourly pay from different countries, internal resources); the complexity of the application; countries in which it will be released; and much more.

Top 5 App Ideas You Can Develop Right Now

The app market is growing every year, let’s look at a few areas that will benefit from a well-designed app. App startup ideas shouldn’t be totally innovative, you can think over common things.

1. Applications for converting files

Today, many workflows can be solved using a smartphone. Having an application that easily converts pdf documents will help speed up the processes. Look at the business model Canvas: easy solution for everybody.

2. Application for tracking transport

We are talking about urban and intercity traffic. How late is the train? Is the bus stuck in a traffic jam? How do I get an alternative route? Starting a mobile app for such a problem to get your own auditory.

3. Language applications

Despite the popularity of Duolingo, this niche is still waiting for its heroes. There are a huge number of language learning techniques, but not all of them are implemented as applications.

4. Shopping for introverts

Imagine that you just need to scan a product and you will receive a list of stores nearby where it is. No more communication with consultants and vain trips to the shops.

5. Navigation in shopping centers

Shopping in the discount season can be hell. Imagine an application that will allow you not only to know in advance the availability of all the desired goods in stores but even free parking spaces.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether you are creating a mobile app for an existing business or want to launch an original idea, you will need to analyze the market. So, find problems, create solutions, and generate a mobile app.

It is important to act not only in the best interests of your business but to know your target audience. If you gain user loyalty, it will be much easier to motivate your creation. Use an MVP, partner with experts, and always listen to your customers. Launching successful apps needs to be wise and patient; and of course, trust companies with a great reputation.




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