Logistics App Development: How to Create an Application for Your Transportation Business

Monitoring of all transport and logistics operations is an important part of a manager’s job. It is almost impossible to perform it manually, and this is where applications come to the rescue to automate this process. Let’s consider the main features of such applications and build your own truck app.

Transportation Apps: Market Overview

Before embarking on building a truck app, it is important to study the market and understand what functions are in demand by users and what problems they are designed to solve.

The global logistics market is expected to grow by $ 6.9 trillion in 2021–2026, indicating a CAGR of 4.6%. Today the market share of logistics and cargo transportation is about 35%. Moreover, the value of the global logistics market will increase by USD 15,273.21 by 2027.

8 Reasons Why the Trucking Industry Needs Mobile Apps

So, let’s look at the main reasons why you need logistics app development.

1. Permanent control over the location of the car

Thanks to the use of GPS technology, you can create extensive virtual coverage to constantly track the location of your vehicles.

2. Optimization of the company

Electronic databases instead of archives, simplification, and acceleration of transactions. In addition, it will be much easier for you to track and regulate all processes, as well as keep records.

3. Helps regulate fleet and logistics operations

You will be able to collect all the information about the truck fleet, including opening hours, the next maintenance schedule, and so on. In addition to improving the maintenance of the vehicle fleet, you will get a clear and transparent work process.

4. Reducing delivery time and costs

By automating the forecasting of fuel costs, you will be able to revise routes and thus optimize the process. This will increase competitiveness.

5. Tracking of goods 24/7

You will be able to get the latest shipment status and even share this information with customers. RFID / NFC technology or QR codes can help you with this.

6. Convenient online booking

You will get closer to the recipient and save on courier delivery. Taking orders online saves a lot of time by increasing the volume of orders.

8. Effective warehouse management

The storage of goods is an important aspect of the logistics process. We have already written about how to automate warehouses earlier.

9. Driver information

In addition to internal controls to simplify the calculation of hours worked, you will be able to track their movement and any violations that may affect your reputation.

Types of Logistics Apps

All delivery logistics apps can be typified and divided into groups according to the specificity of the application. Let’s consider the main ones:

  • Route optimization
  • Fleet management
  • Asset tracking and management
  • Safety factor
  • Transport control system
  • Location tracking app.

Let’s consider the main application of each of them.

Route optimization for fast delivery

Using GPS, you can plan a well-thought-out route in a time-saving manner. This helps both drivers and managers who have less workload. You can also receive up-to-date information about the position on the road, rebuilding the route if necessary. Apps can also help you organize your delivery more efficiently. Thanks to the structured data, your process management will be greatly increased inefficiency.

Asset tracking and management

You will always be aware of the current state of the assets in the warehouse. You will always know about their location and generate reports by automatic data uploads.

Safety is a decisive factor

Dynamic resistance to attackers is an essential quality for any application. In addition to the reliability of internal business processes, you can guarantee your customers data security and cargo safety.

Transport control system

This will save you the chaos and confusion in organizing supplies. Building a clear and well-functioning system is extremely important for logistics companies. You will be able to do it correctly and take into account the specifics of your business.

Key Features of the Transportation Apps per Types

Any function must take into account administrative, client and business requirements. Let’s take a look at 4 main features that should be included in every reliable logistics application.

1. Driver panel

These are functions that help drivers perform their functions even more efficiently. It is also designed to facilitate communication with customers. Drivers should be able to register in a convenient way, receive notifications (system and with orders), up to a map and GPS technology.

Main features:

  • Login Activity
  • Profile management
  • Status of Drivers
  • Consignment Delivery Details
  • Route Information with GPS Navigation
  • History of Drivers.

2. User panel

Everything here should help users to quickly and safely get the execution of services. Tracking of goods and parcels, simple registration, communication in any convenient way, viewing the route and information about the driver, as well as leaving reviews and evaluating the services provided.

Main features:

  • Easy SignUp/Login Process
  • Selection of Transport Vehicle
  • Managing the Bookings/Deliveries
  • Costing of Delivery Scheduling
  • Tracking system for Goods
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Review and Rating Section.

3. Admin panel

This is the side that helps drivers and customers. He should have access to all information about orders and deliveries, routes, customer reviews, questions and wishes. He should also see delivery statuses and send notifications to both parties.

Main features:

  • Dashboard
  • Vehicle Management and Maintenance
  • Transaction Management
  • Driver Management
  • Feedbacks and Analytics.

Tech Stack for Building a Transportation App

TopDevs already has experience in logistic software development for business related to transportation services. It’s about the AutoDeal application. So, we know how to develop a mobile app for logistics.

It is a mobile application for the delivery of vehicles that allows you to protect the interests of both transport service providers and customers.

The technology stack we used is common for such apps:

  • Objective-C
  • Mix swift
  • UIKit
  • MapKit
  • CoreLocation
  • CoreData
  • In-App Purchases
  • Firebase SDK.

Thus, you get an effective application with a simple and concise design.

While working on this application, our team developed an application architecture, with logic for the role of each user of the application. We worked closely with the customer, thus achieving an optimal result. We have also integrated a payment system for the convenience of users. They also have the ability to track. Now the application can be easily found in the App Store.

How Much Does It Cost To Make a Transport Application

We have said more than once that the cost of an application depends on what type of hiring you choose, how complex the application you are planning, whether an MVP will be developed, and so on.

Typically, the cost range for an application is $15,000 to $ 30,000. It is also important to take into account the difference in the cost of specialist services, depending on the country. For example, in India it can be $25 per hour of work, in Eastern Europe — about $28–50, and in the USA — up to $200.

Final Words

The logistics industry desperately needs fully functional apps for transport tracking. Increasing satisfaction with your services will increase your audience and its loyalty.

See the trucking business apps through the eyes of a user who wants more. Include the latest features in the app, and don’t forget to keep the product up to date. Transportation software development can increase your profit.




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Web & mobile app development company that creates digital solutions for startups & businesses (native iOS, Android apps, outstaffing, outsourcing) @ topdevs.org

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