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The medical field is very actively introducing technology into work at different levels. Thanks to a variety of solutions, treatment and monitoring of patients becomes easier and more efficient.

Depending on the direction and goals of a particular product. Most medical product outsourcing decisions take into account not only specific health problems, but also the age category of the patient. In this article, we look at how technology is revolutionizing medicine.

What is Medtech?

Med Tech, or medical technology, is a fairly broad field. This may include various technologies for diagnosis, patient care, treatment and health improvement. This makes it possible to improve the quality of patient care and improve the effectiveness of treatment.

Medical technology includes all equipment, tools and devices that are used to diagnose and treat a patient. Such technologies find their place in medtech companies and biolaboratories, and the sophistication of technologies is completely unlimited: laser technologies, patches, MRI machines and much more.

Medical Domains that Benefit from Software Solutions the Most

There are indisputable advantages of introducing technologies into medicine. Let’s consider the main ones.

1. Simplified access to patient records

Collecting patient data is a critical part of the customer interaction process. Instead of a large number of documents, it is now possible to use a single database, exchanging information at the clinic level if necessary. The system is called Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and is already well established.

2. Reducing medical errors

Automation of processes avoids the human factor and the associated errors and data loss. It also reduces the burden on staff and allows them to focus on treatment and patient care.

3.Improved patient education

The patient must also take care of his health and watch it. And software in medical technology will help in this as well as possible. You can place educational materials in the medtech software and raise user awareness.

4. Cost reduction

Reductions in the treatment of outpatients reach 3 percent. Doctors’ mistakes can also cost a hospital a lot of money and reputational risks, and with quality healthcare software, this can be easily avoided.

The Types of Possible Medical Enterprise Systems

There are a large number of solutions in the field of medical technology. Despite all the diversity, they can be categorized:

  1. electronic medical records (EMC);
  2. portals for patients with access to personal data;
  3. Software for telemedicine;
  4. Software for obtaining electronic prescriptions;
  5. analysis of medical visuals;
  6. Software for medical diagnostics;
  7. Software for remote monitoring of patients;
  8. Software for managing the operational processes of the hospital;
  9. Software for billing for the provision of services;
  10. Applications for tracking health indicators.

What Medical Algorithms to Take into Account When Developing a Medtech App

AI uses many algorithms, thanks to which information is collected and processed with high accuracy. There is a certain set of algorithms that no solution can do without.

  • Artificial Neural Networks: The algorithm consists of layers of nodes that filter the input based on given parameters.
  • Logistic Regression: This is a fairly simple machine learning technique that helps in state prediction.
  • Support Vector Machines: Another machine learning technique that helps collect and categorize data.
  • Discriminant Analysis: Finding and segmenting data becomes much easier.

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The Types of Connectivity with Medical Devices to Consider

Medical device connectivity is the establishment and subsequent maintenance of the connection between the information system and the device itself. This is an interchangeable concept with biomedical device connectivity or biomedical device integration.

All of this can reduce the human factor, improve work efficiency and improve work efficiency.

As for connection methods, it can be Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It can also be a wired connection if we are talking about hospitals. The second type of device is usually more expensive to maintain.

How to Create a Medtech Solution in 5 Easy Steps

Like any other technological solution, medtech applications and services have certain necessary steps. Let’s see how to build a medical app or any other medtech solution.

1. Market research with definitions of goals and audience

Before you start planning and developing your own solution, you need to research the market and competitors to determine your place. Understanding what to work with and for whom to work, you will be able to offer the audience exactly what they need.

2. Definition of the technology stack

In addition to the medical software developing themselves, you also need to choose protocols to protect your customers’ data. You also need to be sure that the technology stack will help implement the list of planned features.

3. Design planning

UI/UX design is being developed here. You must consider the brand book and the tone of your brand.

4. Prototype and/or MVP development

At this stage, you can test the basic functionality of the application. Any additional works here will be much cheaper.

5. Full testing and release

Before the release, it is necessary to conduct all kinds of testing of the product. So you will not incur reputational and other risks.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Medtech Application

Despite the fact that many factors influence the development cost of any application, it is still possible to derive the average cost of such development. So, how much does it cost to create an app for medical enterprise system development? The average cost of developing a healthcare app is $25,000 to $500,000.

It is also important to consider that you will need separate budgets for promoting the medical application and integrating additional systems.

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TopDevs’ Holistic Medtech Software Development Approach

TopDevs has experience in developing medical software. Speaking of Qliq, it is a powerful communication platform that bridges the gap between healthcare providers and patients. There is an extended set of features like secure texting, files exchange, on-call scheduling, virtual visits, visit path, and chatbot platform.

As with all our developments, we take data security seriously and thoroughly test all of our products. This allows us to guarantee the quality of the product. Another important aspect is constant communication with the customer in order to fully realize his business needs.

Wrapping Up

The developing healthcare app bears a great responsibility, because in addition to the safety of data, it must take care of the safety of people’s health. Only trusted companies with relevant experience should be involved in the medtech development.

As an outsourcing company, we are always attentive to the client’s vision of their place in the market, offering the best technological support. Only by combining these two factors can a competitive working product be obtained.



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