Why Famous Brands Like Badoo Choose PHP for App Development?

The popularity of PHP is constantly growing, and this is especially noticeable in recent years. Today, about 81% of sites with different business scales are created using this programming language. The secret of such popularity is simple: high quality of the final product and speed of development. But what makes PHP web application development so popular and popular? We will tell you in this article.

What Is Enterprise Software?

Enterprise software is computer software that is used to meet the needs of an organization but is not suitable for individual users. The organization is meant here not only by government agencies but also charities, hobby clubs, and even schools.

The task of such software is to support work with a large number of users with different roles. In addition, it must fully meet the objectives and goals of the enterprise.

Depending on the purpose of the software, it provides interdisciplinary methods and processes for managing large amounts of data. So, if the program is focused on human resources, it will have a lot of personnel management functions.

Enterprise software is designed to automate processes and increase the efficiency of business operations.

6 Top Reasons to Choose PHP for Enterprise Development

PHP features performance improvements with every new version of the PHP frameworks. But this is not the only advantage of this language. Let’s consider the rest.

1. Open source

This quality increases community loyalty and reduces development budget and time. A large community leads to the constant dynamic development of the language and the emergence of hundreds of viable solutions.

2. Flexibility and high integration

PHP’s versatility and flexibility allow it to be compatible with all major platforms from Windows, Unix and Linux to macOS. Also, it can be combined with different servers and databases. Also, high integration allows you to use it with HTML, PHP, JavaScript, WML, XML and other programming languages.

4. Easy scaling and convenient documentation

This improves your ROI by rolling modules sequentially and making changes as the project progresses. And great documentation makes it easier to integrate new employees into a project.

5. Excellent hosting options

PHP is considered a popular hosting service for most providers. This also affects the cost of services and even the provision of a free domain name.

6. High website performance

This affects customer acquisition and retention. PHP provides fast data processing functions because it was originally created to generate dynamic web pages. PHP is considered the best language for creating a website in PHP based on the HTML standard.

The Best PHP Frameworks for Enterprise Applications

There are quite a few frameworks that are used in PHP. Let’s take a look at the three most popular ones.

1. Laravel framework. Provides a simple and effective toolkit for creating fully functional web applications.

The framework is open source and is constantly being improved. This is a great option for developing from scratch. Another indisputable quality of it is a high level of security.

Other benefits include modularity and testability, ORM, schema builder and migrations.

2. Symfony framework. It is a full-featured MVC framework providing out-of-the-box solutions for modern web applications. An important feature and advantage is high flexibility. An excellent choice for microsites and enterprise applications with billions of connections.

Other benefits include reusable and easy-to-maintain code, a set of disconnected and reusable components, and full-featured database classes.

3. Yii framework. The framework is built on the basis of the composite model-view-controller pattern. Good choice for forums, portals, content management systems, RESTful services, and e-commerce websites.

Other benefits include extensive capabilities for both relational databases and NoSQL, RESTful API support, and full caching support.

How Does PHP Help a Project to Succeed?

Everything comes from the advantages of this language, which allow you to quickly and more cost-effectively create a working project. PHP frameworks deserve special attention, which provide ready-made modules for solving a large number of tasks.

Because PHP is a very stable language, most security holes can be avoided. Another notable advantage of PHP is its huge community, which makes it possible to implement almost any technical solution with confidence in its performance.

What Product Types Can Be Built With PHP?

Although PHP can be safely called a general-purpose programming language, it is most often used for dynamic web pages. Another fact in favor of PHP is the ease of use of Moodle and WordPress powered by it. It is also a great solution for blogs, learning management systems, and e-commerce websites.

PHP is great for building applications. It allows you to implement many functions and capabilities to meet the needs of your business. At TopDevs we have created quite a few successful projects written in PHP.

The Core Principles of Building Enterprise PHP Applications

It is difficult to name a language more optimized for web development than PHP. Server-side scripts make it possible to create an optimally working product.

PHP’s core principles are simplicity and openness. Even a specialist with a Java base can work with this language. Due to its object-oriented nature, the language makes it easier to write code. Thanks to this, you can get ready-made solutions for development within the framework of your own project.

Another principle is adaptability. PHP works fine with different OS (LINUX, UNIX, Windows) and databases (Apache / MySQL).

The next principle is easy scalability and high flexibility. As already mentioned, PHP is a universal language in which you can create almost anything. Thanks to a large number of extensions, it is possible to quickly and easily define the requirements for the project and make the necessary changes.

And the final principle is even more possibilities: for this, PHP has huge opportunities for integrating tools and capabilities.

Thus, we can say that there is nothing superfluous and difficult to understand and adapt in PHP.

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The Big Brand Choosing PHP

When we consider successful cases, the first thing we pay attention to is the business model and the technology stack that helped implement this project. For now, we’ll go a little bit from the opposite and look at large companies that successfully use PHP for successful projects.


Most of the service is built entirely in PHP, although some recent changes have been made to it using Golang. All basic functions of the Badoo app are written in PHP. This is due to the need to support a large number of devices and systems, and PHP does the best with this. Here, from the very beginning, it was necessary to take into account the huge amount of content that will be transmitted within the platform and calculate the load on the servers with the possibility of its correct distribution. For example, the fast templating engine Blitz, Thunder is a Badoo “cloud” designed for the distributed launch of tasks on a schedule or via the API, SoftMocks is a library that allows you to replace calls of functions, methods and constant values ​​in PHP on the fly.


A robust technology stack was essential for this project as well. Today there are more than 500 million blogs on it, and this base is actively developing. In 2016, the company implemented the PHP architecture, which significantly increased the site’s performance and CPU utilization on the servers decreased by at least 50%. Now the scalability of the project is much faster.


Today, more than 455 million sites are powered by Wordpress (this is 35% of the total site market), and only thanks to the use of PHP, they are really stable, safe and reliable.

All PHP architecture is combined with MySQL and MariaDB. This allows a reliable connection between the user’s web pages and the WP database to be achieved. That is, client side HTML output can be requested quickly and securely on the WordPress server side. Thanks to this move, the company has amassed a huge array of templates, plugins and custom UI components with little or no coding knowledge.


This is one of the most visited sites in the world, so it had to be ideally thought out about the architecture and the stack for it to work. At first the site was powered by UseModWiki, a generic wiki script in Perl. Then the transition to PHP took place, after which a real turning point in the work of the site took place. Its stability and reliability have increased significantly. The site is now also using Facebook’s HHVM and its performance is at its peak.

How Much Do PHP Developers Charge for Their Services?

As elsewhere, in PHP the cost of a specialist directly depends on a number of factors, including the geography and level of the developer. The complexity of the project and the lack or availability of post-development support will also affect.

For example, you can hire a freelancer or outsource company, or use your internal resources. PHP has a huge community, so you will hardly have any difficulties finding a specialist.

The USA is traditionally considered the most expensive country for hiring employees. The national average annual salary for a programmer is $ 102,954. In Asia, this amount is about $ 9,000.

The best solution is to hire employees in Eastern Europe. Having the same expertise as their counterparts from other countries, their prices are significantly lower. This allows you to get quality and affordability in one bottle. So, in Ukraine there are huge resources for the provision of outsourcing services. On average, the cost of PHP development in Ukraine ranges from $ 20 to $ 40.

PHP development perspectives

Today PHP is definitely fashionable to be called the best solution for web development, thanks to the popularity of the Wordpress platform, almost any user can easily create and adapt a website to suit his needs. As the ideology of simplicity is popularized more and more, the future of PHP looks extremely optimistic.

It is possible that in the near future PHP will enter into serious competition with Python, but the pace of software development in PHP and improvement of PHP will not allow it to be written off. In addition, the volume of projects written in PHP implies constant support of their viability, and hence the development of the language. Besides, PHP already has much broader functionality and ability to integrate.

Final Words

So why use PHP in your project? First of all, in order to get a high-quality working product (or MVP) in a short time and with significant budget savings. And thanks to the high level of documentation, you can always scale the project and integrate all the tools you need.

PHP’s flexibility allows it to be used for any business level, scale and budget, so you will surely appreciate its versatility and all the benefits we have described. If you want to see examples of applications written in PHP, you are always welcomed to our portfolio.




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